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 Lisa Kraft
Panglossian, Serendipity, and Susurrus.

Rainbow Red is a middle grade fantasy searching for a good home.

    Jeremy Otto Banks, 11 years, 363 1/2 days old, knows of a wild magic that can turn his life around.
      All of Jeremy's careful plans are tossed aside as he learns that completing his quest to the Pacific Rainforest is the only way he can save his dad's life.
ch to Jeremy's dismay, Mike McFire, the bored bully next door decides to follow him and then, if that wasn't bad enough, a girl named Luteza blackmails her way into their adventure. 
    Luteza can see a hundred million colors and Jeremy is soon glad she's with him as an evil Shadow haunts their steps. Even Mike starts to be useful.
    Just when Jeremy thinks he'll never succeed in saving his dad, a citrus-loving Sasquatch decides it wants to play.

Rainbow Orange: A continuation of Jeremy's Adventures
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