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Words! Words! Words! What's with all the words?
I collect words: Big words, small words, quiet words, loud words. I consider words my prizes in a lexicological zoo. Every time you learn a new word, a new world opens up to you. Currently on my home page are three of my favorites.

Where do you get your ideas?
Everywhere. Under rocks, behind trees, in airplanes flying overhead, and the words of others. For me, most stories come through characters that introduce themselves to me at the oddest of times.  We talk, hold an in-depth conversation, about who they are, where they've come from and what their problem is. It is always about asking questions and seeking the answers.

Are sasquatches real?
In Teo's world they are. In the 'real' world, most people don't believe in them.

Why shouldn't you feed wild animals?
Wild animals are just that - wild. If we feed them then they can become dependent on us instead of hunting or foraging for their own food. Then they are more likely to not survive when campers aren't around and the entire ecosystem gets thrown off. Also our food isn't all that healthy for the animals - if all the processing is bad for us then imagine how bad it is for animals who aren't used to it.

What is "pack in, pack out"?
It is best for the animals and ecosystems if, when you pack something in (like a wrapper for food) that you pack it out with you. Wrappers and other trash, besides being unsightly litter, can seriously injure wild animals so we need to make sure we leave the ecosystems we visit better than we found them.

For more information on camping courtesy and the Leave No Trace initiative please visit: 

Do all mythologies talk about the powers of the rainbow?
Most of them do. Almost every mythology talks about various properties of that gorgeous circle of refracted light but hardly any of them agree on just what its powers are. Jeremy was raised on the Bulgarian myths as told by his grandmother but most of us are more familiar with Mike's ideas of leprechauns and pots of gold.

Does it really rain more in the PNW than any other place in the continental US?

Oh yes it does! The rain here is gorgeous but we also get some beautiful sunny days - that's how we get rainbows. The only place in the US that gets more rain (and rainbows) than we do, is Hawai'i but that isn't part of the continent. Alaska technically gets more precipitation than we do but it's almost all snow.

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